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There are several reasons you should consider using a professional staffing agency, like Flight Crews Unlimited, for your temporary and permanent placement needs.

Safeguard Your Flight Department

One of the simplest ways you can protect your flight department from unnecessary liabilities is to utilize a business aviation staffing company that meets the Employer of Record status, such as Flight Crews Unlimited. As an Employer of Record, Flight Crews Unlimited will stay up to date and compliant with all tax, legal and FAA regulatory requirements and will provide payroll services on your behalf. Flight Crews Unlimited also will provide both domestic and international worker’s compensation as well as a variety of other risk management solutions for your flight department. Please contact Flight Crews Unlimited for additional information regarding these solutions.

FCU Business Aviation Professionals

Using a professional business aviation staffing agency enables you to have access to a larger pool of qualified crew members when seeking a temporary or permanent aviation professional. It is important to find a crew member who is trained and skilled on your aircraft and fits within your corporate flight department culture. Therefore, it is necessary to have a wide array of crew members from which to choose, who meet your specific experience and training requirements. Flight Crews Unlimited has thousands of qualified pilots, flight attendants and other aviation professionals worldwide, ready to serve your flight department.

Crew Vetting

As a business aviation staffing agency, Flight Crews Unlimited offers your flight department the most consistent and advanced crew vetting process available. Our stringent requirements ensure peace of mind for your operation, knowing your crew member has been properly vetted and has a proven track record of on the job success. Flight Crews Unlimited also provides training employment and reference verifications. Crew vetting is a time-consuming but necessary process. However, a reputable agency such as Flight Crews Unlimited alleviates your work load by ensuring you have access to the best crew members available.


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